Medicines Mart Ltd is a pharmaceutical company duly licensed in Ghana. We are passionate about providing you with quality pharmacy services tailored to meet your unique health needs, delivered round-the-clock and in a handy manner! This is our basis for operating a 24-hour retail Pharmacy and an Online Pharmacy!
Be it pharmaceutical products, services or health information, we believe that your geographical location should not be a limitation to your ability to access quality healthcare. You have a right to live well, be healthy, anywhere and always. Our aim is to deliver this to you in a way that will boost your health outcome, giving you the freedom to maximize your full potential.
Located in Takoradi-Ghana, popularly referred to as The Oil City. Our community is a myriad of people of diverse backgrounds. Hence, our staff are trained to ensure that in each Medicines Mart interaction you have, regardless of who you are or who attends to you, the delivery is refreshing, relatable, in a manner best suited to you, so you can have the best health outcomes. That’s the hallmark of the Medicines Mart experience!

With every new innovation, Medicines Mart works incessantly to bring itself closer to its consumers so as to fulfill its mission of having Medicines Mart available 24/7 for every community.

Our Cultural Statement

At Medicines Mart, we acknowledge that people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds converge with us as clients, employers, employees, suppliers & service providers, reflecting the global audience that we serve. In an environment of openness, empathy, and respect, we strive to meet our clients’ wellness needs and be hands-on contributors to the growth and development of the company, comfortably sharing our ideas and opinions, and being accountable for our actions and the tools and products entrusted in our care.

Our Mission

To support, promote and provide standard wellness solutions that will ameliorate the wellbeing of people residing in and visiting Ghana, through quality patient-centered healthcare provided in an environment of continuous learning and relevant research.

Our Vision

Supporting and promoting humanity’s right to wellness and access to pharmaceuticals that support and promote wellness.

Our Products

  • Our product ranges include:
     Over-the-counter products for the management of minor ailments
     Prescription drugs
     Vitamins & supplements
     Mother & baby products
     Reproductive health and intimacy
     Sports, exercise & fitness support
     Diagnostics & medical devices
     Beauty & personal care